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I have three questions about the tilemap editor:

  • How do I move around the map (Alt+Drag doesn't work)
  • How do I delete a tile from the tilemap ? For instance, I created an atlas which I want to delete, but the suppr shortcut deletes the node
  • Imagine a map, is it possible that any computer (any screen size) can see the same map? It will just be bigger in large screens. Also, is it possible to show this area on the tilemap editor? For instance, I would like this fixed screen with a fixed camera, and I would like to know the shape/size of it so that I can put walls around the screen, how do I do that?


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  1. Moving around is simple as Holding down the spacebar and click-and-drag.
  2. Ive never used an atlas but heres how i delete a singletile or autotile, I click a certain part of the tileset sprite, and click edit, down below the region and collision or beside the cursor icon theres a trash icon, click it, it should delete a SingleTile or Autotile.
  3. On the Upper left corner of the window, theres the button Project, go to Project/Project Settings scroll down till you find the Display/Window, scroll down the right part and find the stretch, set mode to 2D and aspect to keep.

Hope you undestand. this is for a 2D Game.

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