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In 2D, why are negative axes limited in length, whereas positive axes seem to extend endlessly?

I am trying to create a large gravity_point Area2D that needs to extend in the negative and positive sides of the axes equally in case the projectile is thrown with a high velocity so that it can come back rather than escaping the 'collision area' that enables the gravity.

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2D axes are not constrained, but the editor prevents you from dragging too far away if there is nothing past a fixed distance. This can be annoying if you resize your shape by dragging gizmos in the viewport. As a workaround, you could modify the size of the collision shape in the inspector instead.

Someone asked for this limitation to be removed, which was quite a long discussion:

In the end an option was added to turn off this behavior in editor settings, in Editors/2D/Constrain Editor View:
However you'll have to wait for Godot 3.1.2 to use it. You can use the workaround I explained above in the meantime.

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Thanks, that's it! I will go ahead an try the nightly build.

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