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I made a 2D project in godot 3.0.6 and cant make it work in 3.1. It says "cannot preload resource at path ..." but the path and everything seems to be ok (as it works in godot 3.0).

I read something at a reddit post about using "class_name" to refer to other files of code instead of preloading. Does that mean the new godot 3.1 is unable to recognize g3s language, and I need to re-do all that the preloading part of the project again?

Thanks for any help.

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Are you sure you haven't changed the path somehow? Can you try to manually reassign the path and see if it works? I had a 3.0 project and it works in 3.1 like a charm. I just duplicated everything in a new folder so as not to break compatibility with 3.0 in case I wanted to keep the old project.

Yea I re-did the pathing a few times just to be sure. I also checked case-sensitivity.

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Found out the problem.
One scene cannot preload itself.
For some reason it was working in g3.0

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