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I'm currently working on a learning project for Android using Godot. My testing environment is set up on PC with the following parameters:


  • Window Size: 576 width 1024 height
  • Test Size: 288 width 512 height
  • DPI Allow Hidpi
  • Per Pixel Transparency Allowed
  • Handheld orientation Portrait
  • Stretch Mode Viewport
  • Stretch Aspect ignore

The game compiles and installs properly from Godot without any additional requirements.

The only problem is that the device is cut off at the top of the screen where the notification bar would appear, yet is hidden during gameplay. While this is somewhat useful in that the notification bar can accessed without interfering with the game, it feels like an unnatural cutoff.

The section of the screen that is cut off does house the cameras, so it seems to me like it is possible this is a second display or has some strange behavior since it has to accommodate for the camera being there, however I'm not an expert in mobile devices nor in mobile development, so it's more like a shot in the dark. Is there anything I'm missing in project settings that may remedy this?

If there are any other settings that may be helpful I'd be more that happy to provide them. Most settings are at default, though I'm sure there are a few I would have messed with during initial setup.

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