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i download better collada expoter in this page.
but this addon not work in blender2.8.

I copied the idscenedae folder to the blender add-on folder
However, no add-on appears in preference

Is there an add-on that supports 2.8?

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2 Answers

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Try this one:

Note: you have to copy textures (images) manually.

Also the new godot (3.2) should support fbx.

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I tried it before but get an error
Will 3.2 support FBX? It is amazing
I wait until 3.2

What error do you get? It works perfectly for me.

"Many formats are supported, including FBX." IT says so here:

You don't have to wait, you can download the alpha version (which still has some bugs, but they will be fixed soon)

You can download it here:

It moved when I tried it now
I might have used an old version

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This one works :

If you have blender >= 2.81, you need to change one line, look at this pull request :

I was able to get my animations of a rigged character from blender imported in the playerAnimation. With gltf import, i do not get all, only one track.

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Thanks, I'm making a 2d game right now, I'll try it
I have been waiting for a while
Import issues are a concern

Tried the PR with blender 2.83 and it's working beautifully. Many thanks

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