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The built-in nodes in Godot have a description when adding a node in the editor. However as far as I know, there isn't a way to add a description to custom nodes, or nodes created by an EditorPlugin. Can someone confirm this please?

I also asked this question at the Godot Forums site.

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Have you checked the set_meta() function? Can you set the description through that? And I'm sure you've looked in the Creating a Plug-in section in the Making a Plug-in article about setting a description for a plug-in?

I've seen the "Plug-in Article", but it only shows how to set the description of the plugin itself. I'm talking about nodes created by plug-in's. I will try out the set_meta() function though. :)

It would be very interesting to be able to add a description to a custom node in the node creation window. Are there any proposals in this regard?

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My understanding is that since issue #2082 is implemented, you can use the "Editor Description" of any Node to add a text which will be displayed as a tooltip.

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can i use it with class_name?
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