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I want a button to have an image and then change the entire image when the mouse cursor hovers over it. Clicking the hover tick on the inspector just overlaps another texture over it. How would I completely change the button image on hover?

Thanks in advance!

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I don't understand your question very well , but there is TextureButton node in Godot and it has " hover " property and you can assign different image to it .... and as far as I know and I tested , it will change the image completely
( I add a big image , Normal property of TextureButton , then I added small image to Hover property , and when I run the game , it change the image completely

just use TextureButton node instead of Button node

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That was it! Thanks so much. I was just using the wrong node. The regular Button node does have a hover property, but it keeps the main image (the Icon property) so that the hover image just overlaps it instead of replacing it. Thanks again.

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