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I am asking this because I didn't find any example how to make an enemy firing a bullet at the player in Godot (just the other way round). I am also pretty new to Godot.

This is what I've tried so far:

(Bot1 (KinematicBody Enemy node):

var fire_delay
var max_fire_delay = .25

var bot1_laser_scene = preload("res://Enemies/Bot1_Laser.tscn")

func _ready():
    fire_delay = max_fire_delay

func _process(delta):
    var playerPosition = get_node("../Player").get_translation()
    look_at(playerPosition, UP)
    var follow_vect = (playerPosition-get_translation()).normalized()*delta*speed

func shoot(delta):
    if fire_delay < 0:
        var shot = bot1_laser_scene.instance()
        shot.global_transform.origin = global_transform.origin
        shot.rotation = rotation
        fire_delay = max_fire_delay
        fire_delay -= 1.0 * delta

(Bot1Laser (KinematicBody Enemy's Bullet (Bot1Laser) node):

extends KinematicBody
var ttl = 1.5
var speed = 2

func _ready():

func _process(delta):
    if ttl < 0:
        ttl -= delta
        var follow_vect = get_translation().normalized()*delta*speed

The bots are facing into the players direction, and the shoot function is triggered regularly,
however there are not bullets fired. Any idea whats wrong here?

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1 Answer

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you haven't added the children of instance scene. Here you go:

extends RigidBody

const Z_FRONT = -1 #in this game the front side is towards negative Z

var THRUST_Z = 2000

var power_throw = 0
var speed_value = 0

const THRUST_TURN = 100  #2200 

export var player_pos = Vector3()
export var ray_length = 10000000

export var mouse_pos = Vector2()

var camera
export var from = Vector3()
export var to = Vector3()
var space_state
var result

var holder = Vector3()
var holder2

var op = preload("res://Scenes/SceneObjects/RigidBallInstance.tscn").instance()

var minimap_icon = "player"
var look_vector = Vector3()

var carried_object = null

var followed_object = null

var a_body_name

#onready var leftEngineParticles = $ParticlesLeftEngine
#onready var rightEngineParticles = $ParticlesRightEngine
onready var cameravi = get_node("/root/Node/CameraGimbal/InnerGimbal/Camera")

#onready var cameravi = get_node("/root/Node/Player/Spatial/InterpolatedCamera")
var target

var lookat2

var biggerball
var speedy_one

#var wasThrust = false #particles enabled?
# damping: see linear and angular damping parameters
#onready var Pause_Menu = get_node("/root/Node_PauseMenu")
func _ready():

func power_throwing(_delta):

    if Input.is_action_pressed("right_mouse"):
        if power_throw <= 250:
            power_throw += .1
            biggerball.scale = Vector3(power_throw, power_throw, power_throw)
    if Input.is_action_pressed("left_mouse"):
        op.scale = Vector3(0.1,0.1,0.1)
        op.mass = 1
        op.angular_damp = -1
        op.linear_damp = 0.18
        op.transform.origin = Vector3(lookat2.get_global_transform().origin.x, lookat2.get_global_transform().origin.y + 5, lookat2.get_global_transform().origin.z)
        look_vector = (Vector3(result.position.x, result.position.y, result.position.z) - cameravi.get_global_transform().origin).normalized()
        op.apply_impulse(Vector3(), get_node(".").look_vector * Vector3(333, 333, 333))
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