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I've just searched up this the second i heard of it, first, how hard is it to get started, or how easy, and how easy is it to get hexagons, and second, can it make multiplayer games, or is that not possible (yet, or entirely).

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It can make multiplayer games, it has a high level multiplayer API, I tried it and it's a decent one. I'm making an RTS game and it works well for me. It's easy to get started if you know what you want to create - if you understand the multiplayer architecture your game needs.

Here is the official guide/documentation. You also have a lot of tutorials on how to make it. If you don't understand how networkign works, it won't be that simple at the start, because you have to understand that first (that's a requirement for any game engine actually). But if you do, you won't have any issues creating a Godot multiplayer game.

I don't quite understand what you mean with hexagons, but if you mean hexagon tile map, you have that too. There is a nice looking game being developed in godot that proves it.

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