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As the topic suggests, my exported binary is hanging. This occurs when I try to load textures. My texture loader recursively searches through the directories in the folder I point it at, and that's where it's falling down; on the recursion.

Here's a code snippet:

        print("Got directory, ", temp)
        Load(baseDirectory + "/" + temp)

This is in the Load function, so it is calling itself to go down a directory. This works perfectly in the IDE, but when exported, causes the application to hang permanently, without any indication that it's called Load().

Does Godot have a problem, or do I?

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reference document says:

bool currentisdir() const
Return whether the current item processed with the last get_next() call is a directory (. and .. are considered directories).

did you also check directory is not . nor ..?

Yeah, I did.
Here's the full code:

func Load(path = "res://Content/Sprites/Uncut/"):
var directory =
var baseDirectory = path
print("Got path ", baseDirectory)

var temp = directory.get_next()
while temp != "":
    if(temp == "." or temp == ".."):
        temp = directory.get_next()

        print("Got directory, ", temp)
        Load(baseDirectory + "/" + temp)
        print("Got file, ", temp)
        var extension = temp.substr(temp.find_last("."), 4)
        if(extension == ".png"):
            var name = temp.substr(0, temp.length() - 4)
            textures[name] = ResourceLoader.load(directory.get_current_dir() + "/" + temp)
            print("Loaded ", name)

    temp = directory.get_next()

This still happens if I take the recursion out.
It will load the first file it finds, then hang forever.

It actually looks like ResourceLoader.load() is the problem. That's where it stops outside of the debug environment.

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I don't know what's wrong with Dicrectory.get_current_dir().
But ResourceLoader.load(baseDirectory + "/" + temp) will work instead of using directory.get_current_dir()

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reported this issue on github.

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So I found out what it is:
Don't use directory.getcurrentdir().
I don't know why.

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