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When you duplicate a node then changing one changes the other, how can I prevent that?

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How are you initially creating the (first) node? is it another scene that your are instancing?

I first create the node, then duplicate it by right clicking

2 Answers

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This behavior is only when i instance the nodes.
When duplicating (Control + D ??) it should not happen.

But you can clear inheritance.
Right click on the node in scence tree "Clear Inheritance"

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I don't see such an option when I PPM a node.

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Select your duplicated node then in the inspector click on the little tool icon and select "Make Sub-Resources Unique". You have to do that also for all child nodes.

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That works. That's good that I had just 4 nodes in my duplicated tree. I don't really like this feautre, it's not very intuitive.

Thanks! This helped me a lot!

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