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So I'm loading some files into a dictionary, and in the editor, it works fine.
However, when exported, I get the above error, when trying to assign the index "BasicAttack".

Here's the code for the assignment:

var name = file.substr(0, file.length() - 3)
var attack = load("res://Code/Attacks/" + file)
var attackJson = {}
attacks[name] =, attackJson.attack.internalName, attackJson.attack.pushback)

Why would this be?
(I'm using 2.1 alpha, at the moment.)

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can you provide a sample project for it?

My entire project is here:
(and the offending call is in

But if you want me to try and make a minimal example, I'll do that, too.

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Export > Resources > Export Mode

changing Export all resources in the project to Export all files in the project directory will fix your problem.

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EDIT: It suddenly works after tinkering with some settings and then changing them back.

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