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I was making simple platform mechanics. I used a kinematic player with a rectangle collision shape. i used this code for the horizontal movement:

move_local_x(horizontal_movement, false)

the horizontal movement variable is an integer that either 1, 0, or -1 depending on the players input, and then mutiplied times the speed variable and delta.

this all worked fine, but then I tried implementing gravity the same way:

move_local_y(gravity * delta, false)

this also worked, but when I added a ground with a collision shape 2d, the character passes through it!

Is this the fault with the code, or is it something else?

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IIRC most physics nodes utilize collision detection, and their associated functions (move_and_slide, move_and_collide, etc.) handle all of the proper movement. Functions such as move_local_x() and move_local_y()only translate things based upon the node's axises, and doesn't seem to take the physics engine (and its associated collision system) into account.

Thanks, I used the moveandslide() function and it worked perfectly!

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