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Hi, I have situation like on this picture:

enter image description here
This white "walls" are moving down using set_pos(). All of them are generated from script with correct KinematicBody2D and CollisionPolygon2D. Similar situation is with that arrow on the bottom (but it can move only left and right). How can I detect collision?

getnode("arrow").iscolliding() giving me back "false".

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I think is sounds like you are trying to push two physics objects through each other. You might want to adjust the moving walls physics layer/mask to ignore collision with the floor, but not with the player.

also, if you want to use iscolliding(), it needs to be in a func _fixedprocess().

Some resources that might make things clearer:
(video version: https://youtu.be/QQ3y9YU_QAo)

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Thanks for help :)

Finally i have created 2D area with signal "area_enter" and it's works fine.

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