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Aham, here we go again,

Looks like Y-Sort on tilemaps disable any settings you have with Visibility, at least for now. (Godot 3.1.1) So, I found a way of hiding them, by moving them out of frame, but,

Is it safe to teleport a entire tilesetmap out of screen at large distances, like -50000 on X? Or are there any other more practical solution to hide a tilemap/tileset pieces?

The looonnnggg story:

I was stuck on finding a way to hide my tilesets. I made a autohider node which once detected player, would hide a tilemap that contained say the wall of a room, so we get the impression of entering the room, just like the old-school Fallout Games.

If I placed the tilesets in a Node2D to hide them when the player collides with polygon I drawed, the Node2D would mess the tilesets Y-Sort system, and they will get based on the Node2D Z-Index, and not be calculated per-tile Z-Index of the entire world, which should be.

So I got a solution, I just move the tilemap out of the view of the player, say like -50000 X, it looks like the tileset is hidden ._.

I tried to scale them to 0, but I don't know why it made the editor a lot slower, and also I fear to break anything, as scalling can lead to unexpected problems later.

So another question is, should I be worried about teleporting tilemaps to higher distances out of screen?

Thanks for your patience,


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