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Hello! I am a new Godot user and i am currently learning about the awesome game engine. I am learning through a YouTube tutorial with Hearbeast, and i have hit a roadblock.

I was adding collisions to my auto_tile, and after completing this i ran the project to check if the collisions are working.

The usual Godot screen is displayed before the game starts and it suddenly crashes or stops (i am not sure). The error i get is:

godot drivers/unix/netsocketposix.cpp:190 - Socket error: 10054

NOTHING ELSE. I was very confused. I went back to my collisions and saw that some tiles had extra collision (they were brighter than the rest). I removed them and tried again, still didn't work.

I could really use some help here because i love programming and game development. I am only 15 and don't know too much about the game development world, i am inexperienced.

PS. how can i add my project to be seen here?

Thank you!

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That error could be anything, you could paste some screenshot of your node structure, and upload the project to google drive and post a link to it here.

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I've had this problem a few times before. Every time it was when I changed a file name or really anything that is referenced by something else but not changed. If restarting the editor doesn't help, try making sure none of your files have been changed and that there are no missing resources when opening scene files.

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I had the same problem. I realized that I set Project Settings -> Debug -> Settings -> Gdscript Max Call Stack to a value too high. Returning it to its default solved the problem.

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