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Hello all, how can I set the position of one object instanced by code?
Like this:

var monstro = monstros.instance()

I'll instance 1-3 monsters per time.

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Thx guys :D and I was thinking how can I instance the monsters like this:
enter image description here

1 = 1 monster
2 = 2 monsters
3 = 3 monsters

I was trying to set the position like Vector2(480, 250 + (i*30)), but just work for 3 monsters :/


var number_of_monsters=2
for i in range(number_of_monsters):

Although I do not understand the objective well, if you want to upload the relevant code so we can help you better

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If I did not misunderstand it is something like this:

func _ready():

func spawn_monsters(numberOfMonsters, heigth, posx):
     for i in range(numberOfMonsters):

Height defines the total height where they are distributed equally according to the number of instances, you can add a value to add a margin above or use random to randomize the positions a bit

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This works for both 2D and 3D (Vector2(0,5) and Vector3(0,5,7))
for local

monstro.transform.origin = Vector3(0,5,7)

or global

monstro.global_transform.origin = Vector3(0,5,7)
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monstro.position= Vector2(100,150) it should work

you can also do something like:

    var monstro=[]
    for i in range(3):
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