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So I have this string in the translation table (csv file):
goal_timed,Clear stage under [x] minutes,Selesaikan stage dalam [x] menit,[x]分にステージをクリアする

so I want to replace [x] with some number, how can i do that?
and also the goal is to print the string to Label and it must respond to TranslationServer.set_locale()

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1 Answer

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You can change [x] to be an index for the string format function: {0}

So your localized strings would be like "Clear the stage in under {0} minutes".

And in gdscript, you'd do: tr("goal_timed").format(your_time_variable)

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Note that you can also use named placeholders, so you can swap their order in translated strings:

# "goal_timed" translates to "The goal {name} was scored {amount} times!".
tr("goal_timed").format({name="Some name", amount=20})

You can swap the order up with the indexes as well, can't you? Like "This {0} is {1}".format(["balloon", "red"]) vs "This is a {1} {0}".format(["balloon", "red"]). The names can be a convenience thing, but seem like a bit of unnecessary extra string parsing.

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