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Hi devs,

I've been having trouble creating a runner, I remade my code several times but without success :/
What I am trying to do is a scenario generator and have them spawner in the right place to continue.. Example:

Platform1, Platform2, Platform3;

Suppose I have 3 scenarios that I want to generate.
When the right corner of a scenario has almost passed my view, the code generates a new scenario.

My only difficulty is making the spawner scenario glued to the previous scenario.
I'm sorry if I couldn't express myself well, but if anyone had a solution could you share it?

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Maybe if you post your code we could help you better, as just asking how to "glue" your scenario is pretty vague. If your scenarios are sprites, just use their position to check if it is in range with a camera or some coordinates limit you set, but that raises a bunch of questions, how are you doing the running effect? Moving the entire scenario made of chunks, moving only the camera, moving only the player.

Add images of your project so that others can understand better what you are doing.

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