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Can I connect a signal without knowing the node, but only using the signal's name? Something like:

signal  Update_The_Popcorn

func OnTouchToast():


func Signal_Digest(SIGNAL):
        "Update_The_Popcorn": $Popcorn.Implode()
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As far as I know, no. There are however two ways to circumvent this problem that I can think of.
1) Add an intermediary node that will listen for the signals. For example, if you don't know who emits signal A, just use the _ready function of signal A emitters to connect to the intermediary listener, and then the listener will relay signal B to signal B listeners upon receiving signal A.

2) Find a way to make a node just listen for a signal directly, so that no matter who emits signal A, all signal A listeners will react.

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Having a intermediary node was something I thought about doing with autoloads or using groups, it works, thanks for the suggestions, cheers.

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AFAIK, you must call connect() on the object with the signal you'd like to connect to. In your example, you're trying to connect a method of NodeB to a signal of NodeB. You'd have to do something like:

var nodea =
a.connect("UpdateThePopcorn", self, "Signal_Digest", [SIGNAL])

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A signal manager to handle all the signals in the game. Super easy. Hope that helps

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