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Hi, is there a way in Godot in 2D to place TouchScreen Controls outside of the games visible area (in the black bars)?
I set the strech mode to 2d and aspect to keep to make it fair for all players and have the same aspect ratio on all devices. Nothing wrong with it on desktop. But as mobile devices getting more and more display height these days, there are huge black bars left and right on the screen.
I think the black bars are 'ok', so I want to stay with my keep aspect ratio option, but I want to place TouchScreenButtons on the screen.
Now I can only place the TouchScreenButtons within the visible games area (not in place where the black bars are), but this makes playing this a little uncomfortable.
Is there a way to keep the aspect ratio of the game, but place the touch screen controls in the black bars?
I mean something like this:

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maybe you need change your design

1, both 2 black column and your main game are in game screen.
2, split window (game screen) as 3 part, 2 black column and main game in between
3, Main game not resize able or keep aspect by height
4, 2 black column resize able, fill all mobile screen
5, set your control stick to left (left column) or right of right column

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