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I was trying to create a simple pos interpolation func using tween, but can't get a callback with tween_complete when it's finished.

func climb():
    var anim = Tween.new()
    # doesn't work!! -_-
    anim.connect("tween_complete", self, "timeout")
    anim.interpolate_property(self, "transform/pos", get_pos(), get_pos()+Vector2(10,10), 5, Tween.TRANS_LINEAR, Tween.EASE_IN_OUT)

func timeout():

After the pos is changed I'm getting an error in debug window without any details.
enter image description here
And the callback isn't called.

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If you hover the error there's a tooltip that might give some insight (it shows the C++ error). This is fixed for 2.1, which will show the C++ error if there's no proper description.

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tween_complete( Object object, String key ) This signal is emitted when a tween ends.

This is what reference document says.
You need to make 2 parameter for tween_complete signal.

func timeout(obj, key):
    print("timeout : obj = ",obj,", key = ", key)

This will work.

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Many thanks! I didn't know callback must include the parameters.

For anyone else reading: as of 2020 the signal name is tween_completed

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