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I get this error in the console constantly - seems to be repeated every few frames - on version 3.1 and 3.2-beta3 (line number is 194 on 3.1)

ERROR: texture_get_data: Condition ' !t ' is true. returned: Ref<Image>()
   At: ./drivers/dummy/rasterizer_dummy.h:195.

The engine appears to be running correctly as other outputs are working as they should.

I need a cleaner output, are there any settings I can tweak to get this working properly?

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Do you happen to have any visible nodes in your scene tree? Or any texture/material assigned to some node?

If you don't find anything then create a minimal demo project which reproduces this message. (Who knows, maybe just the root node of a single scene is sufficient)

Then post an issue with the demo project on the godot github site:

It looks likes its because an addon does have textures loaded, I'm loading the addon but I"m not using any visual aspects.

A simple test without any visual elements at all doesn't show this error.

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