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I would like to change the background color of some of the controls in my GUI (LineEdit, ItemList...).
For example on a LineEdit the background color is grey, I attach a script to this control:

extends LineEdit

var my_style =

func _ready():

But nothing changes and there is no error message. I didn't find an example in the doc. Where is my mistake.
Thank you.

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2 Answers

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You seem to be creating a new style, but not assigning it to any of the custom styles properties:

extends LineEdit

var my_style =

func _ready():

    # Set the "normal" style to be your newly created style.
    set("custom_styles/normal", my_style)

I've never actually used these so I can't guarantee that the code above is the correct syntax, but I'm quite sure you need to be setting a property to the new style, otherwise it won't be used. Hope this helps.

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It works perfectly, this kind of thing is apparently difficult to find on the doc.

Thank you so much!

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Welcome to godot tho :)

It can be very tricky, I found useful to create the same thing in the editor and look at the scene .godot file content, the names are the same

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