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I need help with getting the node the raycast collided with. Before i used a string that contained the collision id of the node, but the id changes everytime i boot up the project. And the only thing i could do to make the results more reliable would be getting the node name. Is there anyway i can do this?

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You can use get_collider() , it returns the object the ray is colliding with and you can extract it's name using property...

just make sure to add a safe guard in case the ray doesn't collide with anything

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GetCollider() returns Godot.Object which does not contain a definition for Name.

If you are using C#(never used it with Godot) you might need to cast the object to a node or other class to be able to get all the relevant data

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Use get_collider() which returns the first object that rayCast2D collides with be it an area2D or a body depending on your preferred presets. You can then use to_string() to get the name of the object, ensure to check if the result from get_collider() is not null. You can use this feature to ensures enemies do not see through walls.

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