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This is for my first ever game, and im working on the saving system. It's going to be published on Android. I have the system saving the basic stats, but the file doesn't seem to be saving and I keep getting this error "Condition '!f' is true" at the line where I call the storeline(tojson()). This happens when ever I call my function Save_Game, it keeps calling this error, it doesn't crash the game but it doesn't do what it's supposed to. Which is to save the game!
Here is the function:

func save_game():
    var save_game =, File.WRITE)
    var save_nodes = get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("DataHolder")
    for i in save_nodes:
        var node_data ="save_data");

Now it's calling another function from a different node called 'Player Stats' and that function saves the data in a directory. Here is that code:

func save_data():
    var save_dict = {
        "filename" : get_filename(),
        "parent" : get_parent().get_path(),
        "Health" : hp,
        "Action" : ap,
        "Mana" : mp
    return save_dict

And this all starts when I press the button which calles the function save_game, heres that code just in case:

func _on_pressed():
    var playerStats = BATTLE_UNITS.playerStats

These are all that relate to the save system, I can't tell what the error is, and how to fix it. Some help would be awesome, for this is my first time with a save system.

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Do you get the issue when you export to Android or in the editor too?

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Eureka! It is highly probable that your save_path is wrong. Check that this path exists and that it is written correctly (paths are case sensitive). The format should be: C:/directory/directory/filename.extension. Notice that I used the forward slash.

If this solves your problem, let me know.

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That seemed to have fixed it! Thank you so much, that got rid of the bug, and it's not creating the save file! Thank you for that

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