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Hi everybody.
I'm in trouble with the Doc's tutorial at this page:

It starts throwing errors from the very first line of code: Writing:

float time = TIME * time_scale;

this error is triggered:
error(7): expected '(' after identifier.

I've defined shader_type spatial; in top, should I change the float's declaration format (to sth like: Variant get_shader_param ( String param ) const), or put it inside some "void {}" to make it work?? Thank u in advance.

I think this part of tutorial is not consistent in learning procedure, as It's the first time in Docs that the shader language is used, but is never explained how to (untill future docs about shading). However, at this point, one should be interrupted to start to search about how to implements these codes. I’ve even just watched some youtube videos about shader material but to no avail.

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