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First Q: How do you make the camera close in on the closer the players(2 or more) are to each other and stops zooming in when it reaches the wanted limit, and zoom out on the farther they are and stop zooming out when it Reach's the wanted limit, and when a player goes off the limit, it becomes splitscreen.

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Don't be shy and make three posts instead of putting three questions into one.

It would be better to change title more descriptable than part 1, part 2

That's a pretty broad question, you're basically asking us to tell you how to make your game. It's like asking "How do you make an AI that will not be too dumb but still be beatable in a real-time strategy game?" - The answer to your question would have to be a full tutorial or example game.

I'd suggest you check the class reference for Camera2D, start experimenting with it a bit to see what it can do, and try to implement what you have in mind yourself. Then, you might have some more specific questions on how to do a particular thing, which you will be very welcome to ask here.

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