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Is there a way to define a class property with some sort of "onready" functionality, similar to how it's done in gdscript? Could it be something similar to how exports are defined? ( I haven't been able to see any mention of this anywhere.

Something like this maybe?

public class Game : Node
    public Sprite sprite = GetNode("Sprite");
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just do it in the _Ready() function?

public Sprite sprite;
public override void _Ready()
    sprite = GetNode<Sprite>("Sprite");
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Thanks for the response. I'm aware of that approach, but was hoping there was something a little more terse available.

They could build a Attribute system to do what you want,

The problem is it's a lot of work, and pretty bad performance, and (arguably) makes your code harder to read. So very much not surprised this isn't supported.

thanks I came here looking for onready var timer: Timer = $Timer alternative in C#.

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