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Hello! I was wandering if there is a way to manage the dialogue and action without using the process function. For example, I have different dialogue scenes in my main scene,two of them need to be shown after some animations

The order in my game should be like this: player's animation, first dialogue, particles start emitting, second dialogue, particles start moving.

Is there a command or something that can help me? I don't want to always check in process what needs to be shown and when.

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It looks like you could use signals. The main idea is that a signal is emitted every time something specific happens in the game. Every node has its own predefined signals (found under the Node tab next to the Inspector tab), but you can also define your own signals. Check the docs.

Also, it seems that you want a sequence of actions and you are trying to achieve it by checking whether certain steps have been completed in the _process(delta) function. If said actions are predefined, use the AnimationPlayer Node to animate the desired behaviour. It will save you from a lot of coding. Check the docs here.

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