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I want to trigger an animation whenever my Area2D is entered by a player body. (It is used to change color modulation in a certain area).

extends Area2D

func _on_TRIGGERYELLO_body_entered(body):

But whenever the body enters, it returns error.
Attempt to call function 'play' in base 'null' instance on a null instance.

Am I referring to Player wrongly? Why doesn't it find it?

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Is your Player under your Area2D node? if not..then probably not finding player

No, it's not under Area2D, it's under World.
How do I properly address a node elsewhere?

Try gettree().getroot().get_node("player")

edit: since I don't know exactly where your area2d is, I am using gettree().getroot() If your area2D is directly under root node, you can try getparent().getnode("Player")

I still can't figure out what's the right syntax to use these two statements together.


Should I first assign a var with getparent().getnode("Player")?

3 Answers

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Im pretty sure you are trying to get its neighbour, if so you need to use get_parent()

extends Area2D

func _on_TRIGGERYELLO_body_entered(body):

you can use print_tree() to check if the node is under it

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Yes, you are right! Indeed, that works! Thank you SO MUCH!!! It really helped!

Thanks everybody who commented and helped!!
You are awesome!

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You have several problem
don't use $player to access the player body instead use body and check if the body is not null and if the body is the player, for checking if body is player you can put player collision mask and area collision mask a same thing

extends Area2D

func _on_TRIGGERYELLO_body_entered(body):
     if body == null: return"PlayerYellow"
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Assuming your player and area2D node IS directly under root / world node and your script is attached to area2d node


Assuming your area2d node is NOT directly under root/world node and script is attached to area2d node


And you don't need to assign a variable to any of the lines

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