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I have an array of variables. Each variable points to a resource.
For example:
var Archer = "res://Sprites/Archer.png"
var Bear = "res://Sprites/Bear.png"
var GobAr = "res://Sprites/GobAr.png"
var Enemies = [Archer, Bear, GobAr]

Enemies[0] returns "res://Sprites/Archer.png"

Can I make the array return Archer instead?

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You can't have an array of variables. Both archer and enemies[0] are referencing the same image resource.

That is what dictionaries are made for. See:

print(Enemies[0].get_file()) #return Archer.png
print(Enemies[0].get_file().get_basename()) #return Archer

But it has nothing to do with the name of the variable. For that, as they told you, a dictionary is better:

var Enemies={
        Archer= "res://Sprites/Archer.png",
        Bear= "res://Sprites/Bear.png",
        GobAr = "res://Sprites/GobAr.png"
    func _ready():

        for i in Enemies.keys():
        for i in Enemies.values():

Yeah, I know that they both point to the same memory address.
And that it can be done with a dictionary.
But I wanted to know if there is some kind of method that can let me do this kind of thing with an array.
Just like that:

print(Enemies[0].get_file()) #return Archer.png
print(Enemies[0].get_file().get_basename()) #return Archer

Thank you.

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