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Announcing a new version of GUT. GUT is a Unit Testing framework for the Godot Game Engine available via GitHub and the Godot Asset Library.




  • Godot 3.2 compatible.
  • Issue 124 CodeDarigan added the assert_freed and assert_not_freed methods.
  • Issue 130 GUT now lists the exact line number of a failing test in all cases instead of just the method number in non-inner classes. Thanks to mschulzeLpz for adding get_stack magic.
  • Issue 133 You can now double/partial_double/stub/spy Native classes like Node2D and Raycast2D. Syntax is the same.
  • Issue 139 There are now pre and post run script hooks that allow you to run your own code before any tests are run and after all tests are run. This can be useful in setting global values before a run or investigating the results of the run for CICD pipelines and the like. Check the wiki for more info

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 127 The method ignore_method_when_doubling was added as a workaround for doubling scripts that have static methods. The "Doubles" wiki page has more info about this method.
  • Issue 136 Bug can happen when yielding where a attempt to disconnect signal...while emitting can occur. Disconnecting from signals is now done via call_deferred.
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