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Hello, I recently moved from gdscript to C# in an attempt to improv my programming skills (I'm a newbie, using Godot to learn, and I just got into C#). Now, something very simple in gdscript. In gdscript, to access the property playback in the AnimationTree, and set up a"state"), you simply do:

var state_machine = $AnimationTree.get("parameters/playback")"some_state")

How do I do this is C#? I tried:

public class Player : Node2D {

    public AnimationTree animTree;
    public AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback stateMachine;

    public void _Ready() {
        animTree = GetNode<AnimationTree>("path/to/my/Animation/Tree");
        stateMachine = (AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback)animTree.Get("/parameters/playback");
        // also tried with "as"

        // this line ^ gives an error only in Godot, SEE BELOW.


The error that the Travel method gives me is:

E 0:00:00.520 void Player._Ready(): System.NullReferenceException:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

<C++ Error> Unhandled exception

<C++ Source> my/path/to/Player.cs:37 @ void Player._Ready()()

Player.cs:37 @ void Player._Ready()()

I can't call any method in stateMachine (like stateMachine.Start() / Stop() etc.), it always gives me this error.

I believe it is some C# "uniqueness", if one of you could elaborate to me, I'd be extremely happy! Thank you so much in advance!

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Is your Tree Root an AnimationNodeStateMachine? If you have another kind and your state machine inside it you need to specify the path


I made a quick test an this works if your Tree Root is an AnimationNodeStateMachine:

    animationTree = player.GetNode<AnimationTree>("AnimationTree2");
    playBack = (AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback)animationTree.Get("parameters/playback");

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hello I'm new to the engine, but digging and trying i got with this solution for accessing statemachines without declaring vars in the whole code, this leads to a bit of refactoring towards the code, hope this helps you

State Machine in C#:

  1. Declare a private AnimationStateMachineNodePlayback stateMachine;
  2. In the method you want to call the state machine you declare a animationTree
  3. Basicly with a var animTree = (AnimationTree)GetNode("AnimationTree");
  4. You access the stateMachine with stateMachine = (AnimationStateMachinePlayback)animTree.Get("parameters/playback");
  5. You can now call your variable stateMachine anywhere in the code.

Code Example:

public class Player : KinematicBody2D
 private AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback _stateMachine;
public override void _PhysicsProcess(float delta)
        var animTree = (AnimationTree)GetNode("AnimationTree");
        _stateMachine = (AnimationNodeStateMachinePlayback)animTree.Get("parameters/playback");

    void MyFuncton()

Sorry i just created this account today to help you, I really hope this helps you with your ploblem, also sorry if my english isn't good, I'm more of a spanish talking guy hahaha
if you need more infomation on StateMachines please use this link: Godot Docs 3.2

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