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I'm using the Mono version of Godot 3.2 on Windows 10.
I have an object that consist of the following nodes

Area2D (root)

I have 300 instances of this object in my game and I would like each instance to rotate, move around and I also would like to check collision with this object by sending and listening to a signal if anything enters the collision area which is a 2D polygon collision area.

The problem is that, even if this object do nothing but rotate, my game runs only at 5 FPS with 300 instances present in the scene. It doesn't move and I don't check collision but rotate it.
This is the code I'm using to rotate the instances:

this.Rotation -= rotationSpeed * delta;

The C# script is attached to the root (Area2D) node.

Only a single line of code doing nothing but rotate the object and I get only 5 FPS with 300 instances in the game. In similar scenario in other engines I get stable 60 FPS with even 1000 instances in the game and even if the instances are moving and do collision check.

I was searching the forum for optimisation and did read the docs but I can't figure out what am I doing wrong and I have no idea how I could improve the performance in Godot. It is a very simple project also and it is surprise me it runs so badly with 300 instances.

I would appreciate any advice or links to articles regarding what to do different and what to look for when you dealing with lots of dynamic objects in Godot.


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you don't need "this." at the beginning

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In my case the problem was that I was rotating the Area2D node directly. It seems it is not a good idea for some reason.
If I change the hierarchy to:

Sprite (root)

and I attach the script to the sprite node and I rotate and move the sprite node instead the Area2D and send the collision signal from the Area2D to the Sprite, I get stable 60 FPS instead of 5 with 300 instances in the game.

However, if I have 1000 instances I get only 12 FPS. In other engines in similar scenario I get stable 60 FPS even with 1000 instances.
Wondering if is there anything else I can try.
Anyhow, if anyone has a similar performance problem, make sure you don't rotate and move the Area2D node directly.

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When you have a lot of instances, it's better to bypass the node system by using servers directly:

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I have noticed this behavior on 3.4.4-mono. How I fixed it appears to be similar to you -- there might be some bug with attaching a script onto an Area2D itself I found that when I have an external script that modifies area2d, I get 60 fps. A script on an Area2D causes 5 FPS or so.

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