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Hi everyone,
I have been following Godot Engine for over 2 years it is a good engine but it is realy hard to use. I want to share my advaice about the engine because i used many different game engine. Godot engine becomes powerfull engine but i think developers should focus on terrain editor like CryEngine, Unity, Unreal Engine, Lumberyard etc. I realy like cryengine terrain editor and many clone of cryEngine have the terrain editor and they develop it such as Lumberyard. Terrain editor lets game developer to complate some parth quickly so i believe that because of this developers like these kind of engine. However, i do not know about godot engine developers work on game editor or not ?
I know there are some plugins help developer to edit terrain but the plugins are bugy and not good for game development.

if anyone knows some news about godot terrain editor please let me know.

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Hello there !

I can give you a few addons that I found quite useful and time-saving.

- lets you create curves, filled or not, and attach a material containing different textures for the Top, Right, Bottom, Left, Inner Left and Right parts, giving you an easy way to create terrain like they did in Rayman or like Ferr2D Terrain for Unity. The addon hasn't got any update for a year and I'm currently working on a similar addon with an easier architecture and some options, like the ability of switching any edge's texture so you can have variants, but that will take time to get released

- Zylann's will let you create terrain through generated maps and a few setting files
- Zylann's will let you place any mesh on the terrain and that works pretty well, it is compatible with a heightmap aswell and has interesting features. I recommend watching his tutorials about his addons, they show you everything you need

I agree we could have more advanced terrain editor tools, but I have to admit I'm not sure it would be fit for everyone as there are many ways to create terrains from a game to another and we would need to have a more general editor. You are also free to code your own tools to fit your needs by using any accessible class and Node through EditorPlugin, following tutorials like:

For the rest of your questions, better have answers from a developer !

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How do I download the plugins? I'm new to godot and github :)

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