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Can somebody explain me how does the dictionary type works? My recent experiences are with Unity/C# dictionaries, and I would like to know the differences with GDScript dictionaries, because I have the impression that they are more like structs and not a key,value pair.

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What caused your impression? The documentation for dictionary starts by stating: "Associative container which contains values referenced by unique keys". It also includes gdscript-examples for everything (I would consider) important.

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Because I couldnt find any example about how to iterate it. Also, a C#/C++ dictionary uses keys of a single type, like string, value_type. I see that GDScript can have keys of different types.

You can iterate through a dictionary's keys or values by pulling them as an array, then running a for loop on them. For example:

for key in dict.keys():


for value in dict.values()
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