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Is it possible to make something for GODOT to teach users how to use the game engine interactively so that people who are new to this game engine can learn how to make games quickly?

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You can find a few video tutorials on YouTube already that show you the things in action. The next step to make this interactive is to have a teacher or someone live helping you :p
Do you mean the engine should have a tutorial mode?

Yes I do mean that, the best way to learn by yourself is by learning interactively. Is this possible to implement this?

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I guess that should be possible with the current version of godot.

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Possible, yes. Easy... uuh /me run away

(In my experience, everytime a tutorial has to be added to a game project, it introduces countless bugs. Now imagine that on Godot....)

Yeah, no, we don't want a tutorial mode. Better would be a tutorial plugin (enable in Project Settings) and should avoid a lot of the "tutorial mode" hardwiring that spawns the bugs in other engines.

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Something like an in-editor tutorial could be realized via an Editor plugin in the 2.1.beta branch of Godot. To walk through things when a game is run the plugin could set things up so the game could temporarily swap things in the script to custom nodetypes just prior to running (then back to the normal nodenames when the game exits).

Just a forewarning that the plugin code is highly bleeding edge and may not be completely working. In fact it is very likely to have a bug or two or three or more. Documentaion is also spotty and the documentation tutorial for plugins currently only covers two of the use cases (docking plugin and custom nodetype plugin).

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@gau_veldt Oh ok then how and where do I get this plugin then?

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