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I'd like to use the built in signals but I'm creating the node that I want to use with the in code.

I know i can make a custom signal. That's not what I want to do though.
Is there a way to use the built in signals on mouse entered and exited through just code?
I guess I need to know how to turn the signal on and how to write a function for the signal.

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2 Answers

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Check the documentation:

var new_rect =
new_rect.texture = load("<ImagePath>")
new_rect.connect("mouse_entered", self, "on_TextureRect_entered")
new_rect.connect("mouse_exited", self, "on_TextureRect_exited")

func on_TextureRect_entered():
    print("TextureRect entered!")

func on_TextureRect_exited():
    print("TextureRect exited!")
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Sure, you can do that in code. Here's an example, though you'll likely need to season it to taste based on your code strucuture.

func _ready():
    $TextureRect.connect("mouse_entered", self, "_on_mouse_entered")
    $TextureRect.connect("mouse_exited", self, "_on_mouse_exited")

func _on_mouse_entered():
    print("Mouse entered")

func _on_mouse_exited():
    print("Mouse exited")

Here, I'm referencing a TextureRect instance that I created in the editor, but it doesn't matter. Just replace my $TextureRect with your code-created reference.

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