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I have a graphics effect in my game that doesn't run so well on older phones (lower fps on old android phones, high battery consumption on older iPhones / iPads). I now want to automatically deactivate the effect on those phones.
Is there some information godot can give me to base the decision on? I know I can get the model name of the phone, so my best bet right now is to create a list of models I want the effect to be inactive for. But that would be quite hard to do, and I will never be able to catch all phones out there. Is there some better way? Can I read out when the phone has been first introduced to the market? Or can I somehow measure the power?
What would be the best approach doing this?

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I think I would go with the model name list. That can't be that hard to get ahold of... (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Android_smartphones) You can also check the number of processors with OS.get_processor_count(). Not sure if that would help.

I know this isn't the answer you probably want but it might just be easier to disable it by default and let them enable it themselves.

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Add an option to deactivate or decrease graphics so if it is very slow on a mobile phone have the option to do that and you forget the mobile models

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  1. benchmark the phone before starts game.(do this only once)
  2. apply auto settings.
  3. let user decide in options.
  4. Profit?!?
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