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I am having trouble accessing the script of a newly instanced scene.

I have a scene called ExampleScene. The root node of that Scene has a script called ExampleScript.

extends Node

class_name ExampleScript
var _name

func init(name : string):
  _name = name

In my main scene I want to instance the ExampleScene and call the ExampleScript:

var example = preload("res://ExampleScene.tscn")

func _ready():
  var new_example = example.instance()
  var script : ExampleScript = new_example.get_script()
  script.init("HAHAH") # breaks: Invalid Call. Nonexistent function init in base 'Nil'.

script is Null for some reason but when I test this

print(str(new_example.get_script() == ExampleScript)) # returns true.

it prints true.
What is going on here?


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No clue about the get_script()-part, but why don't you simply do it like this?

var example = preload("res://ExampleScene.tscn")

func _ready():
  var new_example = example.instance()

EDIT: According to the documentation get_script()returns a Reference, so the correct static typing would be:

var script : Reference = new_example.get_script()

Doing it your way results in an error for me.

Using this reference to the script you could call it's static functions, but calling any non-static function won't work as that would (potentially) require not only knowing about the script but also the specific instance the script is bound to.

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Oh... that is indeed what I should do. Thanks.
I came to Godot from Unity. There the script and the node/game object are more strictly separated.

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