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Hi Community,

I have a game with fighting scenes in it. When the player hits an enemy with his sword (or is getting hit), I want to basically pause the game for just a 10th of a second or so, to give the impression of "whoah something just happened".

How would you guys do that? Using pause? Or do you have any suggestions?

Thx in advance!

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You could use the engine's pause feature, but honestly it seems like a quick fix that might cause some issues down the line. It may be better to implement some form of custom pause.

I needed to pause my player's activity during certain times, without resorting to the engine pause. What I did was create a disable() which disabled their collision, and stopped move_and_collide() from firing and reset the player's inputs on frames that the player_active state was false. If there were any functions that fired in response to signals, I also had them check the player's state before running.

That's only for one node though, it'd probably be more complicated to stop everything, but hopefully that description helps.

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