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the code editor is not so happy with my regex literal

myRegex.compile("/\d+/g") => Parser Error: Invalid escape sequence

Obviously I can't escape the \ character here.

How can I make him swallow my regex?
(Godot 2.1 Beta)

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What do you mean "Obviously I can't escape the \ character here"? You actually need to escape, since this is no more than a regular string. Just use "/\\d+/g".

I tried it, but then the regex doesn't work. regex.find(text) then regex.get_captures() # => []. But the text definitely contains numbers and it works for me here That's why I said obvious, because it seems to me to change the entire semantic.

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For anyone who wonders, it's a really simple fix. Just remove the //g from the expression.

Instead of this


do this

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This is kind of offtopic, but is it possible to get this regex working:


Or do you know if Godot's RegEx system is limited to only the libraries and not the "general" RegEx? (IF that makes sense) :P

the regex for matching bbcode could be


them just use the substitution method :)

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