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is it possible to run a game twice in the same editor? I'm currently playing around with multiplayer and I need to run two instances of the same game(server and client). I know that you can start the engine just twice and open the same project, but with that method the console output swaps between the two consoles of the two editor instances and in the other console is no output. Is this intended?

PS: I'm currently using the beta of godot so version 2.1

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I actually just posted this same request on Trello (sorry I should have looked here first). There needs to be a way to run and debug an instance of the game from different editors. I did not catch the console issue (only one of the two 'output' windows work), but what I did notice is that if you make changes to the scene or other resources in one editor, the other editor(s) will not auto-reload those changes when they are focused (so that they stay in sync) -- only scripts behave properly.

This ability was extremely useful in our previous engine and I don't think we could have made a multiplayer game without it. It's actually been a request (~150 votes) for Unity for the last 7 years and it's still not fixed as they only allow 1 editor to edit a project at a time.

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