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I've been roughly following these tutorials: to develop a multiplayer test for a 3D game. I've relatively converted the code to work within my own project. However, when I try to send data about the player's location/momentum, I get this error, despite conforming to what I believe to be the same ID structure. I've tested both projects running on the same machine with the create/join server function. Their version works fine, even after porting it from an earlier version of the engine to the latest stable build. Mine doesn't. Although players get properly spawned in, the clients don't seem to be sending any data to one another. I get the error I just told you guys about, and I've been spending a lot of time figuring it out, and I'm currently inconclusive as to why it's popping up. Furthermore, closing one running version of the game sometimes closes both, which doesn't happen to my knowledge on the multiplayer demo I've looked at. I could be wrong, and confusing correlation with causation, but maybe it has to do with scrambled client ID's or something? I understand that some of the frameworks haven't been set up yet, where damage and certain other actions are carried out by both players irrespective of their ID's. Right now, I'm just trying to prove to myself that I can sync movement. I also more or less ripped the movement code from this tutorial here: However, I understand that I may need to restructure how positions and movement and other vars are calculated in order to make multiplayer work, but I'm not sure if I should.

Sorry if this isn't enough information, and I'm down to share more! I've also looked at some other versions of multiplayer, but I'm not sure if I should switch, keep this current framework, or scrap it entirely, and try to remake it myself. Pls send halp! Thanks to any and all who respond!

My current project code can be found here:

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Figured it out, although this is an unresolved error, the source of my problems was coming from something else!

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What was the source of your problems? It might be worth documenting them here so people know what to look for :)

Unfortunately the forums are often seen for individual troubleshooting without ever worrying about the others.
I myself have a problem with rset never solved here

Yes sadly the way this site is designed there isn't enough ensentive for a lot of people to help others other than good will. stack overflow does give incentives tho I usually go there instead.

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