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I am creating a FPS game, for the gui I have a text label that tells the player how much ammo they have left.

func _process(_delta):
if reloading:
    ammo_label.text = ("Reloading...")
    ammo_label.text = (str(current_ammo) + " / " + str(clip_size))

I tried multiple things such as using a placeholder. when ever I run it I get the error that says

Invalid set index 'text' (on base: 'String') with value of type 'String'.

I am at a loss of what I am supposed to try next so I figured that someone else might have ran into a similar problem.

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Assuming your ammo_label variable has a proper reference to your Label node, then this will work:

ammo_label.text = "Reloading"
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Though, really, the syntax you show works OK too (but you don't the need the outer parenthesis in either case). With that in mind, I'd guess that your ammo_label variable doesn't hold a valid reference to your Label node.

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