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Hello everybody, having some trouble with the program recently when opening Godot or running any type of project at first (and sometimes,not all ) the program opens fast and it's very snappy , but after that, it's slow (way too slow) , tried to redownload, reinstall drivers for my graphics card and today I had my pc reset , just to install Godot and again have the same problem still :(

My specs:
Intel care i5-54460 3.20 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1007
8g ddr3

would appreciate any help as this problem is preventing me to start anything whit the great engine that is Godot
Thank yall

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"Intel care" ;-)
I suppose you're having a GTX1070 (never heard of a 1007).

There is an issue for that:

It seems, that the error occurs when certain USB-devices are connected to your computer.
This ranges from USB Hubs (integrated in monitors) to (additional) USB Keyboards. Most often, this seems to happen with "Input devices".

According to the posts:
Some people updated the firmware of the USB-device to fix the issue (if that is possible). Some people unplug that device while starting godot and then plug it in again.

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