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Hi forum,

When my program tries to emit a signal it gives the following errors. Any ideas why?

call: Can't call non-static function '_on_signal' in script.
emit_signal: Error calling method from signal 'the_signal'


I have two scripts, call them primary and secondary. In primary I connect a signal the_signal to a function in secondary by

var secondary = load("res://")
signal the_signal()

func _ready():
    self.connect("the_signal", secondary, "_on_signal" )

and in secondary I have the receiving function

func _on_signal():
    # doing some stuff
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2 Answers

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Because a non-static function always refers to a particular instance. However, in your case there's no such instance! So either make the function static...


static func _on_signal():
    print("It works!")

... or create an actual instance of the script with new():


var secondary = load("res://").new()
signal the_signal

func _ready():
    self.connect("the_signal", secondary, "_on_signal" )
    secondary.test = 2


var test = 1

func _on_signal():
    print("Test: %d" % test)
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Worked like a charm =)

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There's another way this can happen i think. if you accidently refer to a script when connecting signals instead of a node. the two are separate.

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