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Hello! I was faced with the problem of rendering shadows in Godot and I had a question how exactly can I fix this?

However, while I was trying to change something, I came across one idea. Make the shadows by hand. Like this:

But the following question arose: how to realize the rotation of this sprite from a light source so that the artificial shadow behaves realistically?

I tried to use Area2D, but this does not work correctly

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You could make vector calculations with the location of the light and the object (e.g. rock.global_position.angletopoint(light.global_position) gives you, and get the rotation of the object. But it seems complicated - but doable - to get the shadow's rotation and length from these. You would also need to create several shadows based on direction (e.g. one with light between the characters legs and one w/o).

Is it possible to do this if the player and the light source are created by separate scenes, without creating a global singleton?

Well I'm not an expert but you could avoid using a global singleton with groups (

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