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Camera2D zooming and panning works fine but rotation (set_rot) does not seem to have any effect. Why does this not work as expected?

Additition to original question: When set_rotating(true), camera will rotate according to parent. How could one define a Camera2D which still moves with parent, still is rotateable but rotates independently of parent?

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Never tried it, but you can use camera.set_rotating(true) to enable the rotation.

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Thanks but this does not work as described in the question since this (kind of) rotates the viewport according to the movement of the camera automatically.

I am wondering if it is a bug that Camera2d ignores set_rot() or something else, i.e. a feature maybe...

Well, I tried to set a rotation script on a test camera and it works. Enabling rotating will make the camera follow set_rot() (including the one from its parent). I did that in Godot 2.1 rc1 btw.

Ok, set_rotating(true) enables it.

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